It is a resilient fiber and is forgiving of mistakes. I’m Amanda, Chief Nerd and Crochet Entrepreneur, Crochet is my passion. When in doubt, I always recommend to make a swatch and wash and dry exactly how you would the finished product that you will be creating. Can you tell me that babyweightyarn is good for making baby blanket……. grandchild who is due in august…I really want to have it finished by then…I get so far then it starts to look like a smile instead of straight i cant figure what i am doing wrong;;;;;; Hi Donna, you can follow this tutorial and you will be able to make an easy baby blanket. The chunkier the yarn, the less time it takes to crochet something. Be sure to read your yarn labels when working with wool. I'm the Crochet Designer, Teacher & Video Producer of Crochet Hooks You. So, that is a quick overview of the most common yarns and their differences. There are wool blends on the market that can be machine washed and dried though. I am a frugal, yarn loving crochet addict that enjoys good food and fine wine – or an occasional whiskey. Yarn Types Explained for Crochet Beginners: How to Choose the Right Yarn. Cashmere is known to be one of the most luxurious yarns to crochet with and comes from certain types of goats. Another plant based yarn, bamboo is eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial. I’ve touched on what I consider to be the most popular types of yarn within each category. In today’s post, we’re going to learn all about yarn types for crochet beginners and how to choose the right yarn. However, unlike wool, this yarn tends to stretch rather than shrink. It’s a known fact that if you substitute a yarn for a yarn with the same fiber, chances are high that your result will turn out the same. There are three readily available sizes of crochet thread available- size 10, 5, and 3. Thank you, Sapna. We have a category for that! My point is that knowing what your yarn is made out of is important. Types of Crochet Yarn and their Different Uses Video Tutorial Is there a new addition to the family due soon? You would never remove the pan and set it on a material such as a plastic bag, right? I’m Ashlea, the Kansas mom, and wife, that runs this crochet, food, and heart (CHD) blog. I find that 100% cotton is good for kitchen and bath items, however a cotton blend is better for clothing items, because of the inability to hold shape well. Like wool, alpaca yarn will felt if it is 100%. Though this yarn is so soft and gorgeous, it’s also one that I find myself having a hard time making things with. Explore a variety of knitting & crochet yarns at JOANN. Go to for my bobble blanket online course! Find the perfect yarn to make your project a success by searching our Yarn by Type categories. It’s made with a polymer, yet has a wool-feel, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Follow me here!). Yarn weights are labeled from 0 to 6 with 0 being the thinnest of yarns and 6 being the most bulky. Animal Fibers. This fiber is often spun into yarn and able to be used for a wide variety of crochet projects. Types of yarn fibers for knitting and crochet. In our use case above, acrylic yarn wouldn’t be the fiber of choice because it’s a synthetic yarn and doesn’t withstand heat well. Yarn is an essential to any crochet project. We offer various yarn, hooks, needles, patterns, and other notions for your crochet and knitting projects. Types Of Specialty Yarn. Soft fluffy yarn. Marled Fabric Ragg/Marled Yarns – These are multiple multicolored yarns twisted together to create a marbled appearance. . (Please don’t ever do that.). Types of Crochet Yarn and their Different Uses Video Tutorial. Wool is a perfect type of yarn to practice crochet stitches with, it is an elastic fiber and is mistake forgiving. It seems that many of the patterns I see using alpaca yarn are geared toward children, probably due to the warmth, breathability, and gentleness of the yarn on the skin. Hi! Red Heart yarns are always such a pleasure to work with, I have never found any knots within yarn balls and the quality for the price is excellent. Your crochet hook size is determined by the yarn you are using, the gauge you want to achieve, and the type of stitch pattern you are working. Therefore, treat it gently to avoid tangling or breakage. 100% acrylic is the type of yarn for yarn braids. Fiber type Plant based Cottons. So, that is a quick overview of the most common yarns and their differences. Gantsilyo Guru Selections is an online yarn and crochet and knitting supplies store in Manila Philippines. In each type you can typically get a 100%, or a yarn blend (example 50% cotton, 50% nylon), so be sure to check your brands and yarn labels for the amount and the recommended laundering so that you get the maximum life out of your crochet projects. Lily Sugar ´N Cream Big Ball Ombres Yarn. this video tutorial is amazing. Wool yarn: Wool is an excellent choice for practicing your crochet stitches. In the crochet world, the smaller the size of yarn, the thicker it is. The last thing that you want is to crochet a beautiful sweater for someone and have it shrink after the first wash! Awesome post !!! Yarn is my vice. Yes, baby weight yarn is good for making baby blankets. It is also made from 100% polyester fibers, machine washable and intended for children crochet projects. Wool Yarn. Chunky yarn is great for whipping up scarves or sweaters in no time at all. Acrylic yarn is great for clothing and blankets, or anything that you’d want to wash quite a bit. In the crochet conversion chart above I have given suggestions of crochet hook sizes to use for different yarn types. Browse our extensive collection of crochet yarns for your next crochet project.From cotton to wool, fingering to super bulky, you’ll find the yarns to fit your needs.. Find the perfect yarn for your next project by using our easy yarn filters on the left to help narrow your choices by brand, weight, fiber, color, and yarn features or shop some of our popular crochet yarn categories below. Mercerized cotton was used in vintage thread crochet and can still be found today in brands like Paton's Grace. There are many different types of yarn in each category. . All types of yarn for knitting or crocheting are made from natural or synthetic fibers. Linen is a yarn that is a bit stiffer, however after washing can become soft. It’s so soft and pretty that I find myself buying way more of it than I actually need, or have projects planned for. Crochet Yarn comes in different thicknesses. I also like red heart with love yarn. And lastly, there is the chunky yarn or wool. First up, we have the ever-reliable and well-loved Sugar ´N … Free Crochet Patterns and Video Tutorials by Paula Daniele. Today we’ll be covering the types of yarn available for purchase so that you can move forward with learning how to crochet. Remember, these are a bit harder to crochet with than regular yarns. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Once you’ve gained a bit more experience though, it’s better to use natural fibers. What are the Different Types of […]. Acrylic yarn is one of the most affordable yarns, as it is very easy to manufacture. Bamboo is a great yarn for clothing, but again, be sure to check your yarn label to see if you can machine wash on gentle, or need to hand wash any items made with it. They are used for different crochet projects. Specifically, fi… Cotton will absorb water, which is why it’s the perfect material for kitchen and bath items. Cast on and off loosely. The chunkier the yarn, the less time it takes to crochet something. Thirdly, there is the worsted weight yarn as it’s called in the U.S. I generally use a size 3 crochet thread if I am crocheting around a baby blanket because I think it is the softest. There are three categories of yarn fibers: animal, plant and synthetic. | Privacy Policy | Terms. I am a beginner and also have taught myself …I am trying to make a baby blanket for my first Next time I’m at the store I hope to pick up a skein and create something with it so that I can report back. I love to use cotton on home-related crochet projects because it’s a very soft, breathable fiber. Some people have wool allergies, which is something to be aware of, but for most people, wool yarn is a good choice for crochet. The Most Common Types of Crochet Yarn and their Different Uses. Learn more about me here. This is a crochet art form that originated in Japan and it refers to the making of … These yarns are typically either blended with another fiber, or pre-treated to allow for safe wash and drying. Yarn is my vice. A very common yarn for crocheters to use is wool. Tip #1 is to think about the yarn fiber when you’re going to substitute yarn for crochet patterns. You use this type of yarn to make afghans, blankets, sweaters, scarves, gloves and any other item that would provide real warmth. 99 The table below shows a general gauge for each of the yarn weights along with some recommended crochet hooks to use with that type of yarn. This yarn is very resilient, and is often blended with other fibers to allow them to hold more of a shape. You get about 130 yards per ball, and you'll notice that it is more expensive than other types of cotton yarn. Now, for demonstration purposes I have my pretty fancy chunky yarn here but they also come in the usual form, meaning without all this fluff and stuff, just like the 8 ply. Comparing different sizes of yarns. Anyways, I am looking for yarn for crocheting baby blanket. So the first thing we should cover is the many names you’ll hear when someone is talking about yarn. Natural sources for yarn include your oh-so-familiar wool and cotton, alongside some unlikely suspects like metal or even seaweed extract! Bernat Blanket yarn is probably, in my opinion, the best yarn for blankets! This is a good general outline of which one to pick up if you are creating your own pattern or using one that gives a yarn weight, but not a specific hook size. Cashmere is known to offer warmth, yet be light. It’s so soft and pretty that I find myself buying way more of it than I actually need, or have projects planned for. If you’ve ever felt bamboo yarn, you’ll understand the deep love that I have for this fiber. Pure cotton is useful for projects that require structure such as purses and tote bags, placemats, and other utilitarian items. Looking for yarn with some extra durability? Today we’ll be covering the types of yarn available for purchase so that you can move forward with learning how to crochet. When it comes to types of yarn, there are really three main sources: plant based, animal based, and man made (synthetic). Bernat Blanket Yarn . In fact, I’m historically bad about buying yarn before I have a project in mind, and then staring at Pinterest for way too long to determine what I can make with it. We are even sharing some of our favorite free crochet patterns with each yarn weight type. Chunky yarn is great for whipping up scarves or sweaters in no time at all. You may wash acrylic, however avoid ironing it, which is why I also recommend not making an item such as a potholder with it. I don’t have a lot of experience crocheting with this fiber yet, however I know it is very popular among knitters. Nylon is another synthetic yarn that is fairly inexpensive. There are so many more types of yarn sold today. I typically air dry any cotton materials after washing in cold water. I’m going to cover briefly the 4 most common types of crochet yarn that are used in crocheting and their different uses. Buying is easy and we deliver door-to-door nationwide in the Philippines. Yarn is an essential to any crochet project. Looking for a tweed yarn to give your project a classic flair? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you accept the terms of our privacy policy. Ideal for: Beginners Knitters attempting their first projects like scarves. 😉 Read more about me here and see my favorite Amazon products here. It’s know for its elasticity, and when blended with another yarn, makes it a perfect yarn for knitting or crocheting socks, or virtually anything you’d like to keep the shape in. […] 8 Times in 8 Posts Here are a few more: Types of Crochet Yarn and their Different Uses The above link also takes you to a related video on the topic. The type of yarn that you use can be crucial to a crochet project. It’s a medium worsted weight yarn (category 4) and therefore I have been able to design and crochet anything from beanies to afghan squares, scarves, chemo caps and slippers. I want to teach you so that it can be yours, too. Say that you’re creating a hot pad intended to be used to hold pots and pans that have just been removed from the stove. There are several types of cotton that you can find when you are looking at this type of yarn. Since cashmere is a hair, rather than a wool, I recommend following the washing instructions closely. Explore the list below to find the best yarns for your next crochet blanket or afghan pattern. Alpacas do not produce lanolin oil like sheep. Learn all about natural fibers, synthetic fibers, eco-friendly yarns, and yarn weights. Firstly, I’ll start with crochet thread. Textile fibers can be made from an amazing range of natural and synthetic materials. It's also important to consider sensitive skin and allergies when choosing a yarn type. If you are using 100% wool, you’ll want to read the washing and care instructions on the label really well, because if you heat and agitate 100% wool, it can stick together and felt. If so, please comment below. Secondly, there is the babyweight yarn as it is called in the U.S. or if you are in Australia, NZ or the UK you would call it 3 or 4 ply wool. Copyright 2020 Crochet Nerd, All Rights Reserved. It is a bit thicker than sewing thread and is used to crochet finer articles like doilies and table runners. Wool is an animal based yarn, coming from sheep. Find your next project by searching over 8,000 free knitting and crochet … When choosing a yarn type for your knitting project, consider the following: […] If you do make a mistake, most wool yarns are easy to unravel and re-use (called frogging in crochet). CATEGORIES 1, 2, AND 3: SUPER FINE, FINE, AND LIGHT (APPROXIMATE EQUIVALENT OF 2 TO 5 PLY) This is suited for small items like socks, gloves, hats, or garments for babies and children. All varieties of cotton have a dull finish unless mercerized. Do you have any questions about types of yarn? And this yarn is for baby items. Jan 17, 2018 - Explore roberta gorham's board "types of yarn" on Pinterest. Just ensure you dry the items well before storing–because it absorbs well, it could also end up with mold or mildew if not completely dried prior to putting away. Always read your yarn labels when choosing yarn, and definitely do a bit of research. Often, manufacturers blend different types of yarn fiber to offset an undesirable characteristic. Heather – A lot of different fleeces/colors/textures of yarns blended and spun to create a unique skein. Subscribe for more Crochet Videos! 5 of the Best Yarns to Use for Soft Crochet Blanket Projects. In Australia, NZ or the UK it can be called double knitting or 8 ply wool. See more ideas about yarn, crochet patterns, knitting. Both in creating projects for yourself, and gifting them to others. Crochet (English: / k r oʊ ˈ ʃ eɪ /; French: ) is a process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. This will give you a better idea of how the yarn will hold up, and if there are any “gotchas” you need to know regarding your project shrinking, expanding, or the dye bleeding when you wash it. CATEGORY 0: LACE (APPROXIMATE EQUIVALENT OF 1 PLY) This is the lightest weight of yarn used for making doilies and other lovely lace designs. It quickly loosens and being used again should in case you make a mistake (a process known as frogging in crochet). Cotton is a plant based yarn that is grown in many different countries. I have to say that Red Heart With Love Yarn is one of my favorite yarns to work with because it is such an ‘all-rounder’ yarn. Amigurumi Crochet. Soft yarn is also thick and fluffy, but unlike plush, it can be much thinner. Nylon is also a fiber that won’t pill when washed, which makes it perfect for socks. Cotton yarn has minimal elasticity unless blended with other fibers. You will generally find that the texture of the babyweight yarn or 3 or 4 ply wool is softer than other yarns for obvious reasons which are that it is designed for babies. Check out our Chainette category! (By the way, are we connected on Pinterest yet? You wouldn’t want your brand new potholder melting and sticking to your pans! It’s a bulky 6 yarn … All patterns and yarns will suggest the crochet hook size you will need to make a project or work with a specific yarn. This type of yarn takes dye well, creating a lustrous shine that is beautiful to work with. Different types of Sashay Yarn and Caron yarn are types of acrylic yarn. Alpaca is an animal based yarn, coming from (you guessed it) the alpaca. This wool is extremely soft and pretty, and has a great resistance to water. When washed, this textile become softer, however doesn’t tend to hold shape well and could sag and stretch. Our Baby Yarns are sure to please! They are somewhat elastic and breathable so they trap air and create warmth. Let me explain. Yarn Weight: Types of Yarn: Knit Gauge/Needle Size: Crochet Gauge Hook Size #0: Lace … Refine by Project Type: Accessories Refine by Project Type: Afghans & Blankets Refine by Project Type: Appliqués Refine by Project Type: Bags & Purses Refine by Project Type: Baskets Refine by Project Type: Bathroom Décor Refine by Project Type: Bibs Refine by Project Type: Booties Refine by Project Type: Capes & Ponchos Refine by Project Type: Cats Refine by Project Type: Costumes Read More. Alpaca yarn has grown in popularity, and is a great option for people wanting to use animal based yarn, but not wanting the scratchiness that wool can sometimes have, or if they have a lanolin allergy. Linen is a plant based yarn, coming from the flax plant. Animal types of yarn fiber include wool, alpaca, silk, cashmere, mohair and angora. When purchasing a bamboo yarn, you’ll want to check your labels, as many times it comes as a blend (with cotton or another fiber) to make it a bit more sturdy. Linen is a very light yarn, making it appropriate for clothing garments, bags, table runners, and more! There are a few different types of wool, which are normally identified by the type of sheep it comes from. I taught myself how to crochet when I was a young girl and quickly picked up how to crochet the granny square and got hooked. I just call it 8 ply. Shop our selection of super soft yarns for any project type, including cotton yarn, chunky yarn, wool & more! As always, read your yarn labels and your patterns before you determine which yarn is the best for your project. This is not a fiber that will withstand machine washings well unless it is blended with another. Azerogo Crochet Yarn kit, Handcrafts 12 Acrylic Yarn Skeins for Crochet and Knitting, 1312 Yards Craft DK Yarn with 41 Crochet Hook Set – Ideal Beginner Kit 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $29.99 $ 29 . This is typically the yarn that a beginner will use the most because it’s easy to work with and it crochets up fairly quickly. Baby or child items that require frequent washing need yarn that is strong and machine washable. Different types of yarn fibers have specific qualities — some good, some not so good. Lion Brand Yarn is America's oldest craft yarn company with 80+ active yarn families. This is the cousin of plush-type yarn. Since the cashmere goats are located in only a few parts of the world, and production of the fiber can be a difficult process, this yarn is often more expensive. The name is derived from the French term crochet, meaning 'small hook'.Hooks can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, bamboo, or plastic.