Proprietary Suhr locking tuners and the Gotoh 510 tremolo provides superior tuning stability. I love to customise my guitars and love to play around, so having the ability to swap out pickups without a messy soldering iron is fantastic, and the wiring is super clean giving a professional finish. I received this wiring kit to modify my Higway HSS stratocaster, I am very satisfied, both for the easy installation and for giving my strat other tone for the part of the humbucker. WIRING DIAGRAMS Top Sellers -- S Style -- S Style 5 Way S Style 5 Way - 50's Style S Style HSS S Style 7 Way S Style 7 Way + 2 Toggles S Style 5 Way - Blender Pot S Style 9 Way -- T Style -- T 3 Way T 3 Way Series Parallel for Single Coil Pickups T 4 Way T 7 Way Nashville Brent Mason Eldred Esquire -- Gibson -- … Hi folks, i am in the final stages of my HSS Strat build and after a bit of research i think the "Suhr HSS" wiring is what i'm looking for. An HSS Stratocaster has it's own unique wiring issues. I will give props to the customer service team at ObsidianWire. Thank you! I did need to make one soldered connection. This thing is amazing. Category: Obsidian Wire. Very Good. S Style Wiring Harnesses. It was easy to install and sounds great! #ASATOSUHRCONTEST Announcing Suhr’s biggest contest yet!This is your chance to win a brand new, Suhr Mateus Asato Signature Classic T guitar and even jam with Mateus himself. The idea is to get that chimey, jangly, quack from the neck and the middle single coils and the rock and roll from the humbucker in the bridge position. Quick view. I unfortunately can’t afford a Suhr anytime soon, but love everything about the way they play and sound … Talk about painless. (Now I know what the tuning knobs do to change the sound, before they did nothing.) To make your tone crystal clear at lower volumes we also include an ObsidianWire Custom Spec Treble Bleed Mod. I decided to try the obsidian wire harness after all the good reviews (and with my hatred of soldering) and I have to say this product totally lives up to the hype. Let me tell you, the quality of the components is second to none, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Now if only you would offer an HH version... Bought a new set of pickups for my Strat. Rittman, OH, United States. i don't want push/pulls or extra switches, all i want to achieve is the right pickups seeing the right value pots and caps. Our 920D Custom S5W-HSS harness is designed for guitars with a full sized humbucker in the bridge position. Super easy to install, sounds incredible, and if I ever want to swap pickups in the future I'm sure it is going to be a breeze! I plan on upgrading my SSS Strat soon and will install a Obsidian Harness as part of the upgrade. The ObsidianWire Custom HSS has some clever wiring, which harnesses the power of a 5 way superswitch, and a couple of extra resistors to add new life to your humbucker, as it sees the 500k controls that it deserves. Nice and easy to install and very quick. $ 269.99. // Right Hand Guitar Only. I say that I am very satisfied with this kit. or Best Offer. Run the black (previously thought to be hot) and bare wires for both Single Stacks to ground. Guitars with one humbucker and two single coils always seem to be a compromise. Run the white wires (previously thought to be N Finish) to the corresponding switch position. And performance? It also made my Lace Alumitones sound badass. I consider, that you are mistaken. It took longer to remove the original components than it did to install the new harness. Write to me in PM, we will discuss. $ 349.99. Excellent design and excellent build quality. Today was the first time I had ever opened up a guitar and really had a lot of concern about doing this project. hss strat wiring. Comes with original Suhr gig bag. Kent Armstrong. To do so, I had to solder an extension on the bare wire. Joined: Apr 3, 2011 Location: Southampton UK. It took some extra research, and waiting on Seymour Duncan tech support, but once they responded I was able to get it all running perfectly. More on the Way. If you are someone that likes to swap pickups, then this is for you. Pickups: HSS. Great job Obsidian. Strat Hss Wiring Harness Hss Strat Wiring Fender Standard Stratocaster Hss Wiring. I think, that you are mistaken. We have a small team of people that love crafting Pro-Wired Electronics and we take pride in producing the absolutes best. For folks installing this in their own guitars, I strongly recommend the ObsidianWire Install Help page (, as it answered my question on mapping the new pickup's leads correctly, and fixed two issues I had. Many pro players swear by this tone circuit, and it indeed produces a different effect than the standard tone circuit we all. Super easy to install. 920D Custom Seymour Duncan SSL-5 / SSL-1 Loaded S Style Pickguard w/ 7-Way Switching, BK/BK. Anyone got a copy of this please? Shipped From. Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood. Add to cart. Custom HSS for Strat® quantity. I just bought a Suhr harness for my HSS strat so that the singles can 250k and the bridge can see 500k I also, ordered a push/pull pot so that I can split the humbucker, but here is where my confusion is. Suhr SSV Humbucker / 920D HSS Wiring Harness Super Switch for Fender Strat. Your email address will not be published. If your on the fence about these, don’t be. Van Zandt Pickups. I have a tendency to rush and plead guilty to not doing this. Hss with 1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch guitar scheme my versatile hss wiring scheme seymour duncan original factory bare knuckle guitar pickup wiring diagrams hss. Take your time and read the install PDF completely. Very well made and love the ability to control humbucker tone now. The installation was a little more hassle than I initially expected but I can tell that switching pickups in the future, with it now installed, will be sped up drastically. The documentation does not clearly state where the bare wire from the humbucker harness should connect. Sold Out. 1.) But Matthew was a great help. Street Price: $2,799 USD. I installed this in my strat keeping the bridge and middle pickups and installing a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Little '78 humbucker in the bridge. Specs: -Lambertone Pickups Triple Shots and Crema-920D Custom S5W Upgraded Replacement 5 Way Wiring for S Style Guitar-Roasted Swamp Ash 2 piece body-Lacquer, … Well done, Obsidian Wire! It took me about 75 minutes total. I had to route a little cavity space in the body because the switch is thick. Red: S Finish (Series Link) Payment & Returns. Like I said before, I love my new kit from ObsidianWire! Great product, great support! Rio Grande. Very easy to install - no soldering, easy instructions. Because of the other stuff going on in the wiring for my build, I needed 5 poles on my switch which is more than a super switch gets you. 2015. Black: Hot Fingerboard. I needed to widen the hole leading to the output jack as the wires included are much beefier than the originals in my vintage mod Squier body. This wiring harness is perfect. Bishopdale '. The mini toggle adds two extra switch positions on top of the classic 5 positions - Bridge/Neck and Bridge/Middle/Neck. 920D Custom Seymour Duncan P-Rails / Vintage Rail HSH S Style Loaded Pickguard … Having found the switch I was able to do a wiring diagram. It was an easy install, although, I had to go to the Seymour Duncan website to get the wire color codes (and, they use the same terminology as used by Obsidian Wire... i.e. Also, your advise is very good about waiting for the new pickups, the sound is like having a different instrument all together. I would definitely use Obsidian Wire again for future rewires/mods. I ran it the way they suggested and got the full function from both this ObsidianWire kit plus the Duncan noiseless pickups and humbucker. Furthermore, when you move your switch into the second position the humbucker coils split with one of them pairing up with the middle pickup for a traditional second position Strat tone. The ObsidianWire Custom HSS has some clever wiring, which harnesses the power of a 5 way superswitch, and a couple of extra resistors to add new life to your humbucker, as it sees the 500k controls that it deserves. This product solves these problems. I will be buying more on my next project!! I’m in the process of modding my Fender parts built strat to Suhr’s standard. I was just planning on buying this guys amp, however I didn't have a guitar at the time, I tried his strat and. NEW HSS Strat Electric Guitar Pickups Alnico 5 Single Coil/Humbucker Pickup Set. I was under the impression that on the Suhr HBs the red+white wires were used for coil-splitting. :}. Posts: 522. Tonerider. I would say the only reason you might not want to get this is if you are in to adding other mods like switches or push pulls or the like, but if you are only going to be switching pick ups this is hands down the best way to go. Joined: Sep 20, 2015 Location: Turkey . Also, thanks guys for sending me a black pickup cover :). I think now I will also buy the Trad. HSS Suhr Wiring Diagram Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by Chriss945, Apr 3, 2018. These is a great way to get more out of your strat. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. highwaystar30 Strat-Talker. but keep as much of the fender strat twang as possible) and the easy to wire board will be helpful and aid me so I don't have to deal with damn messy soldering iron. and can say from experience the wire harness I received is better than the Fender wire harness on my Stratocaster. Other Models - We cannot guarantee that these will fit any other guitar. Free Shipping. Wow. In the schematic above, they are soldered together and | Welcome to Suhr | JS Technologies, | Welcome to Suhr | JS Technologies, Inc. Tape off the red wires for both Single Stacks. If I only relied on the SD diagrams and what the internet had to say I would still be soundless and frustrated. Typically, it is connected to the same ground point as the ground wire from the humbucker.. The finished product has a clearer and better sound than ever before. This harness is of solid quality, very easy to install, and at a great price. And I never liked the messy wiring in most guitars. No need to bring a hot soldering gun near your precious instrument. We include the best wiring diagrams in the business, to make installation a breeze. Literally. Seymour Duncan sent me their schematic (for 2 single stacks, 1 humbucker, 1 vol and 2 tones) that they thought would work. Classic wiring kits for popular guitars. Unlock the tone that greatly influenced the sound of rock with one of... ADD TO CART QUICK VIEW. They were quick to respond and try to help me. Great product. The humbucker in the bridge position wired up as suggested in the ObsidianWire HSS kit diagram. 24 watchers. Quick view . nice touch). Very simple and quick modification. 100+ Joined Reverb. Mixing 250k and 500k pots is a pain. The Obsidian is a first-rate approach to guitar building. C $39.08. The diagram shown here is the standard Stratocaster wiring enhanced with the “passing lane” mod. I have already bought a second one for my other Stratocaster. From China. The fit and finish of the ssh wire harness is impeccable. I also needed to widen out body cavity slightly as the pots are larger and were rubbing on the cavity wall.. Once done it sounds great. Finally got to install this harness and the results are awesome! I'll be intending to use the obsidian wiring harness in future project guitars -I highly recommend- Guitar sounds great ( oh did I mention the extra guitars picks too. Hss with 1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch guitar scheme my versatile hss wiring scheme seymour duncan original factory bare knuckle guitar pickup wiring diagrams hss. I hope that this helps someone if they have the same issue. 5 Cardome Street 2.) Wires are as follows for the Single Stacks (1 red, 1 white, 1 black and 1 bare). 920D Custom Seymour Duncan TB-4 / STK-S4m / STK-S7 Loaded HSS Pickguard w/ Coil Split, MG/ZE/AW. I like to change my electric guitar pickups on a regular basis and decided to go solder less with the custom HSS for Strat kit. I put the custom HSS kit in my Elite Strat and had a custom pickup maker from the US hook me up with some awesome pickups. 16; 16; 32; all; Sort by Featured. Vintage & Custom Blender version for another SSS Stratocaster. I also had to solder and lengthen two of the ground wires which were way too short in my 26 year old American Strad. Chriss945 Tele-Holic. The tone was definitely enhanced in the two Fender pickups and the bridge Duncan humbucker really rocks. S7W 7-Way S Style Wiring Harness 920D Custom S7W-GIL 7-Way Wiring Harness Our S7W-GIL style 7-Way Wiring Harness brings the tone heard in psychedelic blues rock for decades. Watch. Now they just need to make one for an SG.... (Hint hint), The HSS wiring harness brings an accessibility to the craft that is rarely seen. I just installed the wiring kit for my HSS Strat. Once I got the polarity right on the single coils , which was only a few minutes, It was ready to play. The only exception is: There is a bare wire as well in the Duncan SH-4 JB. Obsidian Wire OsidianWire Custom Select Pots (Crafted by CTS) (+/-8%) US Spec Split Shaft / 24 Spline, ObsidianWire / Schaller Propriety Switch (Requires Metric Tip), ObsidianWire Custom Select 150 Series Polyester Film Capacitors (+/-5%), ObsidianWire Premium Selected Volume Mod / Treble Bleed - Improved Volume Taper & Clarity, American and Mexican series Fender® Strat® - Direct Fit // Right Hand Guitar Only, Japanese Fender & Squiers® - You will need to widen the control holes out to 10mm and get new US Spec, 24 spline knobs to fit the higher grade electronics. Used on a parts caster build. Along with the grand prize of a Mateus Classic T, runner up prizes also include a Reactive... read more. At my age, bending over my guitar work bench soldering pots, caps and switches has become a royal pain in the back. This prevents tone 'muddiness' at low volumes by allowing high frequencies to pass along a separate path to your amp, rather than being stopped short by the increasing resistance at the volume control. Bare Knuckle Pickups . Just want to report that it's awesome!! I bought this for an upgrade to a Squier Classic Vibe HSS Strat. Only way the hss strat variety could be improved is to add a coil split and blend option so the neck and rear coil could be blended like on the blender sss kit. I have ordered my second harness and await it's arrival. I have to say I'm really impressed with the Obsidian HSS wiring harness, The build quality is top notch, and the simplicity to install really delivered.It only took a few minutes to connect and be up and running. Love the included picks too!! The one segment of guitar building and restoration has always been soldering. I like being able to roll off the tone on my humbucker which this harness allows. 920D Custom Shop "Suhr" HSS Wiring Harness W/ 5 Way Super Switch... anyone used this? 2020 August Update ‘COVID-19’ Aug 24, 2020 | Announcements | 0 Comments. Message Seller. Especially the Humbucker. Really well made relatively easy install. Free shipping. I was about to do just that (i.e. Wiring Diagram For Dash And Ipc On 2010 Gmc, Trusonik Deep Well 220 Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram, White Rodgers Type 91 Relay Wiring Diagram. Unless you have small hands, a really small soldering iron, enjoy burning yourself and then taking ten minutes to stand up straight, then by all means you do not need this product. i have a limited knowledge of these things so i need a little advice. Looking forward to putting the SSS version with Blender Mode in my other Strat. Yamaha Pacifica 904s in case your listening Matthew. $ 354.99. Honestly, installing the new tuners was much more difficult than this wiring kit. Brand New. I am so pleased with your equipment and the value you offer in these kits. It features a 5-way super switch that automatically splits the humbucker when combined with the middle pickup (position 2). Great sound quality too. My Versatile HSS Wiring Scheme. New Zealand I was a bit unsure at first but I'll have no problem buying another for my other guitars. Suhr HSS Wiring Diagram I understand that it is a very effective way of having Single Coil pickups 'see' k and Humbuckers 'see' k for HSS guitars. Hands down, the best upgrade your favorite Strat or Les Paul can get. connect to port 7 of the terminal block), but opted to contact support and verify. A necessary upgrade to make your MIM strat pro quality. But what I was really excited about was the ObsidianWire Custom HSS wiring harness I was about to install.. Simple, neat, and just a great product for guitarists. Sales. I recently installed a humbucker on my strat, and after using it with the original 250k pots I felt like I wasn't getting the full sound out of the pickup. Did not have enough room for the wiring in one of my custom strats so i figured I would make it happen with the ssh circuit. Brian's Gear Outlet. Finish. Green and Bare: Ground Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The Obsidian Harness was easy to install and easy to wire. Move through the switch positions it and automatically switches back to 250k for the middle and neck pickups so you still get the full and clear rhythm and spank that Stratocasters® are famous for. 1: Bridge Humbucker in Full Mode (500k)2: Bridge Humbucker in Split mode + Middle (250k)3: Middle (250k)4: Middle + Neck (250k)5: Neck (250k), Switch: 5 - Way Super SwitchControl 1: Master Volume (auto splits from 250k to 500k in position 1 for humbucker)Control 2: Tone Control 1 (Neck & Middle Pickup) 250kControl 3: Tone Control 2 (Bridge Pickup) 500k. To take advantage of this feature you will need a four conductor bridge pickup which is standard issue for many modern and even vintage re-production releases. Our Classic kits include all the parts you need to rewire your guitar, and from the top OEM parts suppliers, like CRL, CTS, Oak-Grigsby, Switchcraft, Gavitt, Cornell-Dubilier, and more. Installation is crazy simple and beautifully clean. Message Seller. Listing Sold. Other than being the cleanest looking piece of kit I’d ever seen (flawless looking solder connections, beautiful handiwork) it was the easiest to install. Suhr. Here's the info that led to success. Suhr HSS Wiring Diagram. I also had to guess which wires were the string ground and the spare ground since I had never opened the guitar before. And the Les Paul version in my Epiphone. I just want you to know I am very pleased and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Easy to install and sounds great. Pickups HSS SSS Model: Classic S. SKU: 01-CLS-0001. We say 'why choose? I love the tonal possibilities. So I bought a strat a while ago. The ObsidianWire Custom HSS for Fender® Stratocaster® is a drop in upgrade over your existing HSS / Fat Strat® wiring harness. My one regret is that Obsidian does not yet make these for some of my vintage Japanese super strats. I just updated my SSS strat to HSS with a Seymour Duncan Little '59 bridge pickup, using the Custom HSS for Strat wiring. Easy to swap pickups if you like tinkering. I was kinda skeptical of the quality of your products, and thought I would need to buying a soldering iron, but its as easy as striping a wire and wiring it correctly, but mainly I wanted to get a new switch as well as pots, and this makes it so easy, because I plan on running a SD AHB-1b blackouts, and two SDBR-1b duckbuckers for my strat (trying to get heavy tone and dist. Together we can come to a right answer. 3.) This is a must have, What's not to like? Definitely let's the humbucker ring clear but still keeps the single coils from doing their ice pick impression. I have purchased all new pickups over the past year and still was not getting the desired "spanky" tone. Installation was straightforward once I figured out that the ground wires were all colored and the hot wires were all white. Quick Responder. Easy to install. Solder-less is the way to go. Your email address will not be published. White: N Finish (Series Link) I currently have an outstanding set of Lambertone pickups install with a 920D Custom wiring harness. Tone every bit as good as the custom wiring I had installed years ago. Cases and Bags. Great product! NZ GST: 124-174-031, © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) ObsidianWire. In the past, I was a production planner working on electronic parts, including design and building of wire harness boards. 282. Christchurch 8053 Yes, I could have stripped back the humbucker harness a couple of inches, but dealing with five 34AWG wires is a more difficult than soldering on a single 2 inch 22AWG wire. Hello!! And it can add a lot of tone options with the custom blender model. Write to me in PM, we will talk. South Start, South Finish/End etc. Overall, a very well built wiring harness with high end components. Great board. Messages: 200. Not my first obsidian wire kit and won't be my last. I will wind up purchasing most (if not all) the kits required for my guitars from them. All ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics are super easy to install, and allow for solder-less pickup changes with ObsidianWire Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors. View as Grid List. 920D Custom Seymour Duncan STK-T3b / STK-S2n / SM-1n Loaded Style Nashville T Style Pickguard w/ TMAS-C Control Plate, 3-Ply Black. Apr 3, 2018 #1. I also upgraded the pickups to Fendex Tex Mex single coils in the middle and neck as well as a Shawbucker 1 in the bridge. We use custom specified parts, perfected techniques, and hand test to ensure that your harness will be an upgrade for your guitar, from factory model to custom shop. Finish: 3 Tone Burst. Description Specs Description. I mean, seriously, Wow. (Imo would make for the ultimate strat tone range) Otherwise excellent product sound and ease of installation you won't be disappointed. $70. All components top shelf. Required fields are marked *. When building a Strat with a humbucker in the bridge position, and two single coils for the middle and neck positions respectively, there is always ta toss up between choosing 500k controls which will retain the life of a humbucker, or 250k controls which will tame the harsh highs that are inherent in single coils. Interesting theme, I will take part. About This Listing. The product feels and looks quality. $ 329.99. My biggest issue is that I noticed a bit of high frequency loss on the single coil positions (pprobably due to the 500K pots), to the point where I will probably now swap out the original Fender single coil with a single coil sized humbucker (I'm more of a humbucker person anyway). The diagram SD sent me for the 2 single stacks and 1 humbucker. 920D Custom Seymour Duncan Fat Everything Axe Loaded HSS S Style Pickguard w/ 7-Way Switching, BK/BK. I love the fact that I can now swap pickups or entire pickguards by simply loosening a couple of terminal screws. The only issue I had was that when I purchased the Seymour Duncan noiseless single coils the installation was more confusing than the typical plug and play of normal, 2wire, single coil pickups. These items were not stated in the instruction diagram, I had to find it on a google search. At least it'll be an easy switch now with the wiring harness installed. 2018 also marks the introduction of Vintage Yellow, a new finish option for the Classic S. AVAILABLE OPTIONS. Installed a Custom HSS in my Strat. Show 16. Discussion in 'Non-Fender S-Type Guitar Forum' started by highwaystar30, Mar 25, 2017. Great, quality product. The original Suhr pickups(V70s and Thornbucker) and wiring will be included. It allowed me to in a way practice wiring pickups, and better understand where and why the connections go where they go. I love my Custom HSS kit. (If you really want to be sold on ObsidianWire just check out Darrell Braun Guitar youtube channel for his Epiphone upgrade.) I'm not sure which wires to hook up or which poles I want (or should) use. It cleared up and simplified changing pickups. HOWEVER - I haven't actually done this wiring yet, so can't report on how good it is. More on the Way. The only thing I might change is to allow a quick change to the tone caps. I was advised to connect the bare wire to the separate ground point terminal on the circuit board.